Wally (greyhound lurcher) – male, black with white on chest. Wally was born 5/1/2017. He weighs 57 pounds. He retired from greyhound field racing 8/22/2022, in search of his new retirement family. He has a ¾ tail; tail docking is a common practice for these pups, to prevent future incidents of “happy tail”. So his tail is cropped but that somehow makes his wagging tail even cuter. He wags his tail all the time! Wally is a strikingly handsome boy. Although very curious, Wally is a little shy. But as soon as you start petting, he is very friendly! He wants attention and frequently comes up to people for pets. Wally warms up to people fairly quickly.  He is a “leaner”. He tends to be a follower of the other hounds, rather than a leader. His adopter will be required to have another dog in the house, though it does not have to be a greyhound.  (Don’t have another dog already? Consider adopting 2 from us now!) He likes having a crate on the main floor for him to retreat to. He sleeps well through the night and doesn’t wake up early. He stays in bed until he hears his kibble hitting his plate! He is great at bath time.  He has learned stairs. He took a little while to warm up to Foster Dad. During the work day he would slowly build up the confidence to get closer and closer to Foster Dad’s home office before retreating and then getting a little closer. Doesn’t zig and zag while walking on a leash (like some other fosters hounds), but definitely pulls strongly if he smells something he wants to check out. He really loves being outside and especially the woods! A fenced in yard is a requirement so he can run zoomies. His confidence totally changes when he is outside. He did just fine with visiting toy poodles, but sometimes they barked a lot and they scared him! Definitely had no prey drive towards them. Sometimes when he is sniffing something he will hold one of his paws up. Super cute! He is fully vetted! No cats, but small dog safe… Wally promises not to chase Santa and his reindeer away when they land on your roof and he comes down your chimney!