Whitey (Barts Whitewater) – male, black, (29A-73344) born 2/18/19. Weighs 77#. Whitey arrived 12/4/21. He is already neutered, fully vetted. 46 races.  Great dog – after all, this is a Barts dog! Tall male, he will need either an ex-pen or a great dane crate when he first transitions into a new home. Our 48Lx30Wx33H size is too small for him! Tested “no cats”. Whitewater is a very sweet boy. He loves to play with squeaky toys (without destroying them!) and loves to do indoor zoomies with his foster greyhound sisters. He gets along well with both of his foster greyhound sisters, but he can be clumsy and get in their space, which results in them growling at him. Whitewater has not had any accidents and crates well, both at night and when alone. He sleeps through the night. He has no separation anxiety. He can be a little mouthy when excited, mouthing on his foster parents’ arms and legs, but they are working on “no”ing him out of this. He would LOVE to be a couch dog, but responds well to being told “no” and will go lay down. Because he is so tall, Whitewater has shown some interest in counter-surfing and opening the no-touch trashcan with his snoot, but again, he responds well to being told “no”. He is very relaxed and spends most of the day napping with occasional bursts of energy for playing with toys. On walks, he pulls and zig-zags some on the leash, and will need to change directions if he encounters extremely loud noises (machinery). Whitewater seems to have a high prey-drive, so we would agree that he is no-cats (and probably no small dogs).