Prison Greyhounds Foster Home Guidelines & Application

Prison Greyhounds Foster Home Guidelines & Application


As a Foster Home I/we agree to the following:

  • Do not change the name of your foster dog, nor teach him a new nickname.
  • Fosters wear only our martingale collar & our foster ID tags at all times, even in the house. We will fit the collar for you. A Prison Greyhounds Foster ID tag will be attached to his martingale collar.
  •  Use the leash we provide. Never use a retractable leash.
  •  Keep your foster dog on leash unless in secure fenced area. Never tether him to anything.
  •  Hold the dog with the “greyhound grip” (We can demonstrate.)
  • The size of the crate we use is 48L x 30W x 33H. We can provide the crate.
  • Always muzzle when more than one hound is loose in the yard or transported in the car. We provide the muzzle.
  • No dog parks. No lure coursing for your foster dog.
  • Never leave your foster dog unattended in a car, even on cooler days.
  • If you are going on vacation, please discuss your plans with us concerning the foster.
  • IF YOUR FOSTER DOG SHOULD GET LOOSE, contact Prison Greyhounds right away.
  • Send weekly updates to both your Foster Director Erin Jesswein and [email protected] each weekend.
  • Never discipline by hitting your foster dog.
  • Children must be required to respect the dog.

Whenever your foster dog needs a bath: Hollywood Feed will allow free DIY dog washes for any foster dog. Please say, "THANK YOU!" 

Feeding and LOTS of Water

  • You provide dog food for the foster dog donation. If you desire PG to provide dog food please request it.
  • Feed twice per day. Do not free feed. Provide fresh water at all times.
  • Ideally, feed new hounds in their crate or X-pen with the door shut, so he does not feel that another dog will take his food.
  • Never feed the foster close to your own dogs. Dogs can get possessive of food.
  • Expect a new greyhound to consume LOTS of extra water, and therefore need LOTS of extra trips outside at first. Excess water consumption in a newly arrived greyhound is the most frequent sign of separation stress. Do NOT withhold water.

Veterinarian Care / Emergencies / Injuries / Medications: Prison Greyhounds agrees to assume all veterinary expenses for your foster dog if you follow these specific directions: YOU MUST NOTIFY THE PRESIDENT, MARY LOUDEN AND GET PERMISSION BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR FOSTER DOG TO THE VET. There are many reasons for this. The same goes with giving your dog medication or supplements - Seek permission first. The legal owner of the dog is Prison Greyhounds. We have the dog’s medical history. If you do not get an immediate answer leave a detailed voicemail.

  • If your dog gets injured, call President Mary Louden.
  • All your other pets must be current on their vaccinations to prevent contagious diseases.
  • Keep your foster on monthly heartworm and parasite prevention, which we will provide.

House Manners are Important!

  • Do not allow the foster on furniture.
  • Teach the commands “Kennel up!” (Get in the crate), “no”, “leave it” (much stronger than no – a serious reprimand), and “OFF” when they jump up on a person or counter.
  • Train your foster dog to get used to being left alone for short periods of time. Some may end up as only dogs and need to get used to being alone.  Always crate your new foster when leaving the house. This is for his/her protection as well as yours.

If you fall in love with your foster: If you decide that you want to adopt him/her for yourself let us know as soon as possible. There is no “first right” for the foster homes, unless you have spoken up first. Meanwhile, we are actively promote these dogs. On any day, or any home visit, we can change the foster dog to adoption-pending for a pre-approved adopter. We would hate to turn you down, but we would also hate to turn down a potential adopter that spoke up first. We will not tell you if someone is inquiring about your foster dog. Please understand that we do our best to avoid disappointments. Your Foster Director, Erin Jesswein is always available to assist you. Please utilize her expertise. Thank you for your willingness to foster. This is a huge help to us, a very valuable donation of your home and time! Please be advised that reasonable expenses donated toward fostering are tax deductible. This includes, but is not limited to: dog food, treats, mileage, toys, bedding, etc. Consult your tax advisor.

I agree that the greyhound is being fostered by me, and my immediate family at the address in this application. The owner of my foster dog is Prison Greyhounds. I understand that this dog will not be sold, adopted, given to another party or otherwise released from my care unless I am specifically directed by an official representative of the Prison Greyhounds (PG). I agree that if at any point, I cannot foster the dog for any reason; I will return the dog to Prison Greyhounds (PG). I will surrender the dog to PG immediately if requested at any time. I agree with PG’s assessment that the animal is in good health. I understand that health problems may exist that have not been identified by PG’s or my inspection, and that PG does not make any expressed or implied guarantees relative to the health or temperament of the animal. I am financially able to foster and care for this dog humanely; provide a good home; give dog food twice daily, and fresh water. I have proper facilities inside and outside my home for this pet. I agree that the dog will not be allowed outdoors without proper supervision on a secure leash, or fenced yard and with proper identification. In consideration for being allowed to foster a dog from Prison Greyhounds, I hereby assume all risk of injury and/or loss of property that may result. I hereby hold harmless; and I release and forever discharge Prison Greyhounds, Inc., its board and volunteers, from any and all claims and actions, including, but not limited to losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses arising from bodily injury or property damage resulting from the fostering of a pet, whether personal injury to me, my property, my family members, third parties, or other animals. I acknowledge and accept that:

  • Animal behavior is unpredictable and animals may injure people, other animals or property.
  • There is no way to write a complete list of all possible risks of owning and caring for any animal, including this animal.
Do you have landlords permission to adopt?
Do you have an attached fully fenced yard?
Do you plan to walk your foster dog?
Is there an in-ground pool?
Is it fenced off from pets?
Do you have a pool hard cover?
The activity level of your household is:
Can everyone be present for a home visit during the approval process?
Does anyone have special needs? (Including pets)
The field trial racing greyhound lurcher (a mix) that we adopt out is a specific type. We require applicants to watch the video “Introduction to The Greyhound Lurcher” on our website. Have you completed this?
Have you had experience fostering any greyhounds or lurchers with special needs, or that have not been in a home before?
Are you willing to crate your foster dog for his/her safety and protection when necessary?
Have you ever visited any of our events or meet and greets?
We require that you read our Adoption Handbook: Bringing Home Your Retired Racing Greyhound or Lurcher before delivery of a dog. (It can be downloaded from the ADOPTION PROCESS page on our website.) Have you read our handbook?
I/we agree to all the above guidelines:

Typing your name below constitutes a legal agreement to the guidelines in this Foster Application

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