Prison Greyhounds Volunteer Application

Prison Greyhounds Volunteer Application

Volunteers are our most important asset. Without your help we will not fulfill our mission. Thank you for choosing to volunteer with Prison Greyhounds. We operate as a TEAM. Teams accomplish more. We value your time, your resources, talents, expertise and friendship.

There are ways you can volunteer:

Adoption Representatives – This team is entrusted with the responsibility of approving adoption applications. Adoption Representatives DO NOT have to be greyhound or lurcher savvy.  After we receive an Adoption Application, there is a phone call to the potential adopter. (This is usually made by Adoption Coordinator Jan Hulett).  If the application and conversation look promising, an Adoption Representative is then asked to visit the applicant’s house/yard (inside and outside). Usually the Rep brings their own greyhound/lurcher along, but not always. We provide scripted questions to guide the Home Visit. The goal is for the application to be processed within 2 weeks, or hopefully less. Experienced Adoption Reps are authorized to approve an application on site. However, if the Rep feels the application should be denied, or delayed, they will send their report to the board (thru the Adoption Coordinator.) Only the board can officially refuse an application, and the board will be the ones to notify the applicant. (The board makes the final decision, so that you don’t ever have to feel like you are the one bearing the weight of responsibility.) We are NOT asking you to match them with a specific hound; we leave that to someone who knows the adoptable hounds better. You are just to approve (or not) the home and people for adoption. 

Meet & Greet Team – This is a monthly 2-hour commitment. Each location has a designated Host, who oversees their small on-site team. This team brings their own (adopted) hound to be an ambassador to visitors inquiring about adoption. Sometimes foster hounds are able to attend. You do not NEED to bring your own hound, but there should be at least one greyhound or lurcher in attendance. Hounds must be of appropriate temperament and nicely groomed! Donations are collected thru dog vests & donation jars. The current locations and dates are listed on our EVENTS page.

Events TeamThese are ‘as-needed’ opportunities. It might be as simple as being a gate monitor during our Greyhound Play Dates.

Foster Homes – If interested, or need more information, please refer to the Foster Home Guidelines & Application, found on our website under the VOLUNTEER tab.

Tell us about yourself:

As an adult, have you adopted or fostered greyhounds or lurchers?
Have you watched the video “Introduction to Lurchers” on our website?
Are you currently involved with any other animal adoption groups, besides Prison Greyhounds?
After reading the description of each team, check the team(s) you are volunteering for:
Enews Subscription: All Volunteers must subscribe to Enews on the website! This is our local communication with our volunteers and adopters.

Hold Harmless Waiver

In consideration for being allowed to volunteer with Prison Greyhounds, I hereby assume all risk of injury and/or loss of property that may result to me. I hereby hold harmless; and I release and forever discharge Prison Greyhounds, Inc., its board, volunteers, foster homes, from any and all claims and actions, including, but not limited to losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses arising from bodily injury or property damage resulting from volunteering, whether personal injury to me, my family members, third parties, or other animals.

  • Animal behavior is unpredictable and animals may injure people, other animals or property.
  • There is no way to write a complete list of all possible risks of volunteering and caring for any animal, including our greyhounds.
I acknowledge and accept:

Typing your name below constitutes a legal signature to the Volunteer Application (all parties must sign individually):