Zara (Pat C Zaroamus) – Attention greyhound adopters! For this special boy, we are willing to take applications “slightly” beyond our usual area. We can only bring Zara up to Indianapolis if he is pre-adopted. That is because he must be the ONLY pet in the house. (No kids, no cats, no dogs, even no greyhounds.) All of our foster homes already have greyhounds, and we do not have an adoption kennel that we can foster him at. So Zara can only come to Prison Greyhounds if we find an adopter that can take him on New Dog Day. Zara is a happy and outgoing boy. (Love those ears! ) He is a handsome, smokey faced brindle. Tattoos 48E-70278. His last race at Palm Beach was May 20 so he has been retired and in Sunburst since May. Why the long wait? Because he needs an adopter that has no other pets, and not planning to have children. Zara is fully vetted. He will not be a meet & greet type of dog, nor a bark park dog. He was born 4/16/17. Racing weight was 74#. Grade A racer, 61 races with 10 wins, all at Palm Beach. He loves adult people. He was so bouncy during his private photo session that some of Ashley’s photos are blurred. If you are interested in applying specifically for Zara, please mention that with your application. It is helpful if you can include references from your previous greyhound adoption group. Any adopter should be prepared to drive to Indy to pick him on the date of arrival. (We do not allow adopters to ever fly dogs home, Never. Air travel is very dangerous for pets in cargo.) We are willing to extend the boundaries to which we adopt, but you still must pass our rigid application process. Zara deserves the best. Let’s help Sunburst Adoption Kennel find a good home for this special boy!