(Blind): Woodchuck or Chuck (racing name is Chainsmoker) – an almost 8-year-old male retired racer, born Spring 2016. His field trial owner Shawn noticed that he went blind 1 year ago. This is a relaxed, happy boy! Woodchuck is a retired racing field trial greyhound; a greyhound lurcher. He is about 55 pounds, and 26 inches from shoulder to ground. So he is small for a male. Help us find Woodchuck the perfect home, so he can enjoy his retirement years as a happy family pet! Sadly, we thought 3 times previously that we had found this hound’s adopter. But things happen. And sometimes people don’t realize how well adopted a blind dog can be. They can assume it to be a monumental task that only the bravest attempt. We are here to tell you that adopting a blind dog can be very manageable, and is really nothing to fear. Especially with Woodchuck! We can coach you. Mostly, his adopter just needs to remember to “let him be a dog”. Don’t pity nor pamper him. No cats though!
We drove to the Winchester field trial races specifically to meet this hound. He is truly a gem. He is confident, friendly, affectionate. He is fairly easy to walk on leash, and even easier to love! He is very well adjusted to his lack of vision. He is affectionate, easy going, and gets along with other hounds.
He is also retired from his second career as a stud dog. He is father to many of the local field trial hounds, including Noodle, until he lost his vision. (It is not thought to be hereditary.) But vision loss caused both of his retirements. He is in the Field Trial Hall of Fame for winning a big race and bringing home $2400 cash prize! His field trial father is Fast Break.
His field trial owner, Shawn, wants to keep the hound in his familiar, comfortable Ohio kennel area until we find the perfect adopter. Fenced in yard required (no invisible fencing allowed). The perfect home for a blind hound will be a fairly calm one. And one that does not rearrange the furniture every month! Woodchuck will memorize his way around your house and yard, so he will not be restricted to a leash when he is free in his own back yard. He NEEDS the extra stimulation of running and sniffing outside, in his own safe secure yard – after he has built an internal map of his new environment. We are NOT going to move Woodchuck into a foster home prior to adoption, which would require him to memorize 2 new homes, instead of just his one final home.

And Shawn likes that idea. Woodchuck has recently seen the Lurcher Project’s veterinarian for full exam and bloodwork, prior to returning for his neuter and dental.
Applications can be found on our website. Feel free to private message thru Facebook, or send an email thru our website. Once an applicant is fully approved, adopters should plan on driving to Ohio to meet our volunteers face to face on the day that you take Woodchuck home. This way we know that you are a real person, and as wonderful and deserving as the greyhound that you will be taking home forever!


If you are interested in possibly being Woodchuck’s new forever home, please start a conversation with us.