Prison Greyhounds finds appropriate homes for greyhounds and greyhound lurchers. This includes the retired racers, plus the “farm” greyhounds that never raced. Our newest focus is the greyhound lurcher mix. Lurchers are the forgotten underdogs of the greyhound world; the retired field trial racers. They are not “forgotten” by those who race and raise them, they are overlooked by many potential adopters. Special focus continues to be given to those with special needs. We have always encouraged the adoption of greyhounds that might get overlooked, perhaps because of age, medical history, past injury, a personality quirk. Now we add the promotion of the greyhound underdogs with mixed breed heritage. As the retired racers are becoming scarce and in high demand, we found a huge need in our own immediate area to find good homes for the large number of  greyhound mixed lurchers that no one seems to notice.

Prison Greyhounds believes that greyhounds benefit from their professional life at the racetrack. We support responsible racing. We are one of the National Greyhound Association Endorsed Responsible Adoption Groups.
We worked with the racetracks and kennel personnel to find homes for their retired greyhounds. They entrusted their precious retirees to us. We developed friendships, and a working relationship (not a combative one), with the racing industry. We have been inside some of the racing kennels, seen greyhound farms where the pups are raised, visited the race tracks, and known some of the trainers, owners, and breeders. We believe greyhounds benefit from their life as a racer.

We trust the kennel workers to share with us the special needs (if any) that any of our dogs might have. We want our greyhounds to be adopted by people who come to understand and love the breed and their unique characteristics, not because they feel sorry for them or because they want to “rescue” them.

The greyhound lurcher is now the dog that often waits the longest in a kennel before an adoption group says “We want that dog!” We take these hounds and find them loving, responsible homes simply by telling their story. We have partnered with American Lurcher Project to assist them with the field trial racers that are surrendered upon retirement. And we have greyt success our adopters have over-sized hearts, just like their dogs!

Serving adopters in Indiana (and the west side of Ohio) Prison Greyhounds is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are not affiliated with any other adoption group. We are independent.
We are the creator’s of “A Ticket Home” campaign which now raises money to help the unsanctioned underdog racers; the greyhound lurcher mix.