Meet Prison Greyhounds

We believe that racing greyhounds benefit from their professional life at the racetrack. We support responsible racing.  We have also discovered that retired racing greyhounds, straight from the track, make the best dogs to use in our program. The “tagline” to our logo says it all. “A new race. A new life”.

Many former racing greyhounds have their lives on hold because adoption groups cannot find enough foster homes. Some Indiana offenders are ready to make amends. Together, we can impact both.

Prison Greyhounds fosters retired racing greyhounds and teaches them basic house manners prior to their adoption into permanent loving homes.  Their offender-handlers gain job skills, teamwork experience and an opportunity to explore a better way of living before being released into our community. In addition we foster special greyhounds in volunteer homes that have retired because of racing injuries, or special needs. These dogs often wait the longest in the kennels before an adoption group says “We want that dog!” We take these dogs and find them loving, responsible homes by telling their story.

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Headquartered in Indianapolis, PrisonGreyhounds is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization. We bring up greyhounds from Florida that are “retired”. These greys are still in the prime of their life. We match them with specially selected offenders within Putnamville Correctional Facility in Greencastle, Indiana.  A team of handlers will train the greys for life outside of a racing kennel. This ensures a more successful adoption. The dogs provide a calming effect on the entire prison population. We provide curriculum, volunteers to coach the handlers and all necessary supplies including dog food, bedding and leashes. We pay all veterinary expenses, including spay / neuter treatment, full dental, all vaccinations and heartworm preventive. We find responsible families that will adopt the greyhounds upon graduation.

We are not affiliated with any other prison program in any other state. Prison Greyhounds, based only in Indiana, is both the adoption group and the volunteer organization that runs the prison program.