Are you a “ONE-DOG-IN-THE-HOUSE” family? Deva would love to be your ONE.
Deva (originally named Allie; racing name Strong Desire) is a 6-year-old red female, retired field trial racing greyhound. She was born 11/4/2017. She weighs 53 pounds. The most obvious Deva trait is that she LOVES people. She “chatters” her teeth! Very endearing. And every so often she is a smiler, on very special red-letter dates! She likes to be vocal. Deva roos at people and animals that she sees or hears. She is very sweet. And so happy all the time. Foster Mom is surprised how young Deva is at 6 years of age. She has so much energy! She rides well in the car. She taught herself how to climb stairs. She entertains herself very well – throwing her toys, bouncing and chasing them, running zoomies….We USED to think Deva would do best with another energetic big dog in the house. But Deva plays rough with canines and overwhelms them, and is not good at sharing dog toys. So, we now think Deva would really thrive best as the solo dog in a house, we don’t want to see her return. She does not like cats, nor small dogs, and can be too assertive even with big dogs.