Hero “Sasha”

Hero “Sasha” is a greyhound lurcher.  Her DOB is 7/17/2014, so she is not quite 10. She is a little thing only weighing a petite 47 pounds. Sasha did go home once with a staff member who fell in love with her, but her new canine siblings were not real accepting of her. So the potential adoption did not happen. (Sasha is more of a laid-back kind of girl, and the staff member had younger dogs that did not want the calmer greyhound!) Sasha does well with her outside play group of 6 dogs, mostly females but also 1 male. (And no muzzles ever required!) Sasha loved playing with them, but she is also that girlie that just sits back and watches. She loves to have a lot of 1-on-1 time with people. She would do great in a home with other dogs, but also in a (no-dog) home with a person who is around the house a lot themselves. The staff member (who almost adopted her) said Sasha is practically potty trained already