HERO JC (Daddy JC, or Big Man)  is 100% greyhound! His date of birth is 4/30/2013, so his age is 11. He weighs 80 pounds. JC is a bigger boy, and still has great body condition despite his age. JC is more reserved (maybe we should say dignified!), but loves all the human attention he can get. He is very good with a dog bed, keeps it clean and in good condition. That means he does not destroy it! Staff also noted that he is quick to potty right away, right after being let outside. JC does good in his play group. He currently goes outside with a group of 4 other dogs; 3-females and 1-male, which he does great with. (No muzzles ever required!) His pen mate is a girl. He does take to female dogs easier, but with that being said, besides being a blood donor hero, Daddy JC was one of the popular stud dogs!!! They have always called him “JC” but sometimes they call him “Daddy JC” or “Big Man”.