Hero Mercedes

Hero Mercedes: Is almost 10! That’s when a blood donor heroes retires at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank. She is a brindle lady, born June 28, 2014. We promised her that Prison Greyhounds will find her a good home now for her golden years of retirement. She is a petite 48 pounds. She is a female greyhound lurcher – a mix. Part greyhound, part coonhound. While serving as a blood donor, hounds only give blood about every 3 weeks. The veterinarians always check the white blood cell count, and looked the dogs over for fever or weight loss before EVERY blood draw. And they are always taking temperatures! Hero hounds get complete blood counts, and a full chemistry panel once every year, and their hematocrit is checked twice per year. (This confirms the donors are healthy enough for the procedures.) And Mercedes is still healthy, and current on all vetting. She is also happy. Gets along well with other hounds. We promised Mecedes that she would have a plush dog bed in a new forever home that will be beyond compare! A lady with a name like Mercedes should appropriately have the most plush, most comfy, most wonderful, luxury dog bed that is available on the market, don’t you think? Mercedes is adoptable now!