Hero Maui

Hero Maui: He is 5 years old, I will be 6 on July 18. Maui was born 7/18/2018. He is a mix between greyhound and coon hound. A greyhound lurcher. He retired early because he is nervous in the kennel being a blood donor. But yet I am still very sweet and lovey. If a blood donor hound’s temperament doesn’t adjust well to being a donor in this kennel, the veterinarians retire the dog early. (This kennel is veterinarian owned.) And they like them instead to get adopted. That’s why Prison Greyhounds is partnering with The Veterinarian’s Blood Bank. Lurchers (like Maui) may look very much like a pure greyhound, but have a sturdier body, with more subcutaneous fat than purebred greyhounds. This subcutaneous fat is located under the skin of animals and protects from trauma, insulates the body, and serves as a reserve of energy. Any greyhound adopter that has also recently adopted one of the field trial greyhounds will be aware of this extra energy! Another benefit to adopting a lurcher? They are not as affected by skin issues as purebreds, including corns on the feet. Lurchers in general have a whole lot less dental issues, and a little sturdier leg structure. Those are things inherited from the coon hound parent. One parent was a 100% greyhound and the other was a coonhound. That’s why lurchers are the preferred blood donor hound now. For potential adopters who have cats as home, it is unknown if the Hero Hounds are cat safe yet. They still need to be cat tested.