Snickers – YES; She’s a greyhound, not a lurcher mix! Although we can’t prove it. No tattoos. But we’d bet our reputation on it. Now that we met her in person and learned more of her story, here are the updates. We are seeking a home where she can be the only dog. Snickers is fabulous with people! Very loving, cuddly, playful. (We may revise this part of the profile, but today she is reactive to every other dog during introductions. Since April, Snickers went thru 2 different animal control shelters before she landed with Prison Greyhounds, so that may have overwhelmed her. Apparently, she was not socialized as a pup with her littermates. She did not have the benefit that NGA greyhounds normally get on the farms.) The shelters guessed her at age 3, we think she could be 2. Does NOT like cats. She crates well, fully housebroken, as she has had some time in foster homes for the shelters. Current on all vaccines, spayed, microchipped. About 52 pounds today. Snickers (a name the shelter gave her) was the subject of an animal cruelty/neglect case. A complaint came in about 2 neglected dogs.  Snickers, and another breed of dog, were in small pens outside, with no access to food, water, nor shelter. At first the Warden offered the owner some resources. A couple days later, when Warden realized the resources were not utilized for the 2 dogs, the animal were seized. This was in April. The negligent owner never paid the bond, nor tried to reclaim the dogs. This was actually fortunate for the hounds, they were legally able to be rehomed. They had to move from one shelter to another for several reasons. The second (out of state) shelter reached out to American Lurcher Project to see if they could help. Yes, except ALP also had a full kennel. (This is a busy season for lurchers to retire, and adoptions trickle in slowly, probably because of the economy.) But our partner American Lurcher Project called us, to see if we could take a hound in an emergency situation, who had a deadline rapidly approaching to leave the shelter…..  We said yes. Our foster home stepped up, despite the fact that they were just returning from vacation. Transportation from the other state was arranged by American Lurcher Project. And now we’d like to settle her into a good home (as the only dog) sooner rather than later. So spread the word. Applications can be filled out online, but are found only on our website. Read the “Approval Process” page to understand our requirements. (Snickers is an unregistered greyhound, estimated to be 2 or 3 years, as no one knows her sire or dam. No one knows the original owner or address. We do not have the police report either, but it doesn’t matter. We just need to find her a new home.) Adoption fee is $300 since we cannot verify she is 100% greyhound.