Moe (Magnificent Moe) – Moe is a 7 year old male greyhound lurcher, born 10/12/2015. He is 75 pounds, a stunning brindle. (Captain Spish) who is a dog behaviorist in Springfield, Ohio. He told us “Moe will benefit if there is another dog in his next house. Moe needs a stable, understanding home. He likes structure.” Prison Greyhounds asked to be the adoption group to help Moe find his forever family. We took  Moe to Dr Carl Budelsky, Canine Ophthalmologist in the Indy area. (You all know he is our favorite!) There was some confusion, and a previous diagnosis, that Moe was going blind. CORRECT Diagnosis: Moe is NOT losing vision; He does not have a “vision impairment”  but rather some “vision diminishment” at night or in dark environments. After getting this encouraging correction to the original diagnosis, we are no longer considering Moe to be a special needs dog. He is however a very special boy!

He retired (officially) from field trial racing *around* April 2023. His field trial trainer had not raced him for 2 years prior. But sometimes it just gets hard to let go of certain hounds; some have a special place in your heart. Anyone who meets Moe will understand. He is a happy, friendly boy. He likes to lean on you when he wants affection, I guess just so you can’t ignore him! Moe is crate trained, potty trained, good on leash. Likes to greet everyone on his walks. He learned good house manners pretty fast! He can climb stairs, up and down.