Brock (KL’s Brock)
Male, 83#
Born February 22, 2014
Tattoos 24D-63213

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NO CATS, small dogs, or bully breeds, no small children
Fully vetted

Brock is outgoing, very loving, seeks his people out. Chosen for the prison program & graduated from class # 27. Very tall, slender, strong, with a humorously exaggerated overbite. Loves to play stuffies, squeak toys, fetch. NEEDS a fenced yard to stretch his long legs and run. Crates well, but only during initial transition please!

Foster home leaves him out of the ex-pen when gone, he is calmer when free in the house. NOT aggressive, but he is high prey. No cats, no small dogs, seems to not trust other breeds either. He learned to mistrust other breeds from being bullied in previous neighborhood. But he loves greyhounds; could probably play with some large breeds!  He needs adopter who will take the time to understand greyhounds, and what makes them different. The real temperament of Brock is gentle, loving, playful, and confident, but he looks to his adopter to help create the environment he needs to feel secure. Brock comes with his own Gini’s Greyhound Fashions winter coat.

This exceptionally tall greyhound has a humorously exaggerated overbite, probably his most adorable physical trait. He loves to play with stuffies, squeak toys and could play fetch all day long. Brock is very energetic; he NEEDS a fenced yard to bounce around. He has very long legs that he needs to stretch and run. He crates well, as long as his exercise time outside of the crate or ex-pen is balanced. He roos when you sing with him! He loves to fetch his squeaky donut.