Prosperity – ADOPTED

Prosperity (MQ Prosperity)
Female, 60#
Born April 14, 2015
Age 2
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: ADopted

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06/19/17 – Prosperity is doing great! She has already figured out “going out” to potty! She had some anxiety pacing in the middle of the night, but once her foster people brought her back to her bed, she went back to sleep and calmed right down. She is super affectionate and comes to her foster people for lots pets.

She’s eating her kibble great and likes a little bit of water on it. She’s still uncertain with treats, but is slowly learning to accept them. She favors her injured leg and holds it from time to time. But it doesn’t seem sore to the touch and as she heals she’ll likely favor it less and less.

She is figuring out home life fast! She’s very smart and responds well to a firm “no” – which has only been needed as she smells yummy smells on the counter or tries to put her front paws on the couch. Couches are comfortable, so who could blame her! She has adjusted well with her two very social foster felines.

Her foster mom says,”Someone will be incredibly lucky to get her!!! She’s a complete doll!”

6/17/17 – Prosperity comes to us from the Wheeling Downs track. She is very friendly and outgoing. She would make a great meet & greet hound, but not a great racer! She had only 27 races with 2 wins. She was retired after her final race on her 2nd birthday, April 14, when she hurt her leg. She did not require any surgery not hardware however, just rest and recovery. She is a home foster greyhound and is immediately availabile.