Boon (JS Bust It Boon)
Male, 71#
Born December 12, 2013
Age 3
Tattoos 123E-62823
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Adopted

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08/08/17 – Boon may not be the flashiest pup on the haul, but his foster mom says he’s an absolutely wonderful dog. He came with a heart drawn on his track collar so someone else must have thought he was pretty special too. Boon settled into retirement quickly. He’s a mellow boy with a beautiful roo! He has accepted his feline foster family also. Boon thinks he is a lap dog and has even tried to crawl into his foster parent’s laps multiple times. What is retirement for, if not snuggles! Steps are a bit of a challenge, but he slides down them well. He thinks he can go up them in one bound, but he’s learning to take things a little more slowly. He sleeps all night in his crate and is eating well.

8/7/17 – Boon just arrived Saturday and is available immediately as a home foster!