Bree – 6-year-old female, a retired field trial racing greyhound. A greyhound lurcher. Bree weighs 58 pounds. She was born July 2017. Stunning dark brindle with black face and white chest! Wow! And she has a very noticeable, endearing mohawk (cowlick) down the nape of her neck. In her racing days she broke one of her front toes and the surgeon put a pin in it. She was recently (and successfully) treated for Lyme disease. She is fully vetted, microchipped, and ready for adoption. Bree gets along well with the other hounds she has met so far, but not small dogs. And no cats! We think Bree could also thrive if she was the only hound getting all your attention. In her spare time, she loves to roll in the grass and show her comical side. Loves stuffies. Foster Dad says, “Bree is wonderful!  She is such a good dog.  She is super playful. She loves sitting outside in the backyard and smelling all the smells and soaking up the sun. She is great in the kennel and sleeps in the kennel all night with no issues. She loves being close and being wherever you are. So sweet. We love fostering her!”  He former field trialer is a man named Bill. We met him at the field trial races and he told us that Bree was not only very sweet, but very fast in her racing days! Bree won Bill high points while racing!