Ebony (Ebony PN) SPECIAL NEEDS: female, black. Tattoos 129C-74325. Born 12/22/19, almost 2!  Weighs 57# . No races. Happy girl! Ebony has a lot of puppy inside her. She has learned all her house manners, since she arrived on July 10. Ebony had a leg injury just from growing up on the farm, as she had no races. We took her to the Orthopedic Surgeon who ruled out surgery, but suggested we see the Rehabilitation Veterinarian instead. So Ebony saw Dr Emily Talaga. She was fitted for a custom Thera-Paw Carpal Support brace at VCA Advanced Care Center. She will not wear the brace ALL the time, only under direct supervision. And never overnight. Perhaps just on her walks, or when supervised in a backyard fenced area, only for a little bit longer. Ebony is fully vetted with spay / dental/ microchip. She gets along well with her foster sibling greyhounds. Loves to give kisses. Ebony has proven to be good with kids, with careful introductions and supervision with small ones! She loves them! I’ll also mention that she does have separation anxiety. She doesn’t like being alone. Adopter should be aware and prepared to patiently work through this. Needs either another dog in the house, or an adopter that is home quite a bit. Or a good doggie daycare as an option. Loves squeaky toys. She runs around the house squeaking and throwing toys in the air.  Ebony has gotten better on leash.  Ebony is a fantastic car rider. She has also gotten used to her brace. She wears it for her walks and when she will be standing for long periods of time (like New Dog Day and brewery events). She wants any potential adopters out there to know that the brace really isn’t a hassle. It just velcros on/off and she cooperates.  She might give you kisses while you are taking it on or off! No cats.