Pink (Cobra Kai) – brindle female field trial greyhound, a greyhound lurcher. Born 5/20/22. She is on medical hold while she heals from a bad tumble during her race. Weighs only 47#, but is gaining weight as part of her muscle rehabilitation process. A bigger male field trial greyhound did not want to share the road with Pink, or maybe he underestimated his size advantage! Pink tumbled, injured her right leg & more in her second-only “Green Green” race.  (The races for VERY beginners.) Her Mom is Beth (Crazy Girl). She is also half-sister to lurcher Monster. She comes from New York, racer who belonged to Danny. Very sweet, petite girl. She is now fostering in a home that hopefully will end up being her forever home, if the resident hound agrees to adopt the newbie! Either way, Pink is getting the medical attention and physical therapy that she needs. She was fully vetted and vaccinated (including spay, microchip) in Ohio before she came to us.