Sarge (Still Sarge) – male, brindle, born Dec. 7, 2018. So he is not yet even 2. Zero races. Spooks very easy, will need lots of patience and understanding. Will need adopter with experience. Will never be a meet & greet dog! Cat tolerable. Already vetted before he arrives in Indy.

4/19/20 – Sarge spooks in some new environments; consider Sarge a shy greyhound. He will need lots of patience and understanding, but settles in fairly fast if you are careful not to overwhelm him. Will need adopter with patience; one that is not looking for the greyhound to immediately begin seeking affection or attention from the adopter. It will come with time. Playful when comfortable. Loves to run and chase a ball! Sarge caught onto toys pretty fast in foster care. Tested “cat tolerable”. He is a sweet and playful hound. He has had no accidents in the house, and is very food motivated (easy to give pills!), which can be key to gaining his trust. He willingly goes into his crate when asked. He watched the resident greyhound go up and down the stairs, and then Sarge taught himself how to do it. No issues when introduced to hardwood floors either! He learned “in” and “out” very quickly for going to the yard. He goes right out and does his business, no marking or messing around…..Yes, Sarge can be skittish. (Not good in a home with children.) You can’t just reach out and pet Sarge. But he very, very much wants to be bonded with you. He listens to your voice and plays with you even if he wants to stay at arm’s length. He will take a high-value treat from your hand. We feel that in a few weeks or months, with a patient adopter who will let him go at his own pace, he will become a lot more trusting. Sarge doesn’t really reveal his fearfulness. He happily goes into new places, including Pet People or our house. He is not afraid of loud noises or the general environment. If scared, Sarge will simply skitter away from you. But he stays nearby and is always tuned into you, which is why we think he is going to become more and more confident with his people….Sarge sleeps best when he can see his people. He will do best if he can sleep in the master bedroom, or with another dog. …He is a playful, funny dog who wants to be with people. It’s almost weird that he’s reluctant to let you pet him, because that seems out of step with the rest of his personality. I think he will really reward his forever adopters, once he’s totally at home, as long as his adopters don’t push him, but instead just let Sarge come to you. “He is just waiting to be spoiled in my humble opinion,” says Foster Mom.  We also think Sarge would do best in a home with another greyhound (or other breed) as he looks to his foster greyhound sibling for cues on what to do.